Pago a Proveedores

Bankia offers you the possibility to offload your company's administrative tasks, automating the management of supplier payments by creating the corresponding documents (cheques, promissory notes or direct debit payments), as soon as you provide us with the list of files with outstanding invoices.

Benefits of the Supplier Payment Service

  • Moreover, you can include the delivery of these documents to your suppliers with an accompanying letter indicating the invoices paid.


    • Automated payment to your suppliers in the manner you specify.
    • Management of your payment orders using cheques, promissory notes or direct debit payments.
    • Save time and cut costs by eliminating the administrative tasks involved in managing payments, handling documents and issuing notifications to your suppliers.
    • Detailed information on your payment orders' situation via Bankia Online Business.
    • Greater security, since the documents are drawn up by Bankia including, if requested, the customer’s signature and your company logo.
    • Notebook shipment possibility 67 and 68 any time from the day via Bankia Online Business.
    • Option to issue your own payment documents, cheques or promissory notes, in accordance with banking standards, facilitating their incorporation into our systems for subsequent payment and control.
    • Bankia draws up on your behalf the payment documents and letters notifying your suppliers of the invoices paid.
    • Better control of the management via the computer systems that we put at your disposal from Bankia Online Business.
    • Detailed and regular information on the status of cheques and promissory notes issued and direct debit payments.