Pago a Proveedores

Bankia you offers the possibility of downloading to your administrative task company, automating the fee-paying management to suppliers via the elaboration of the corresponding documents (cheques, promissory notes or direct debit payments), in the same moment in which provide us the relationship of files with the fee-paying outstanding bills.

Advantages of the Service Suppliers Payment Service

  • In addition, can add such documents' shipment to the suppliers accompanying them of a letter in which indicate the credited invoices.


    • Automated payment to your suppliers in the way that you indicate.
    • Management of your payment orders through cheques, promissory notes or direct debit payments.
    • Time saving and cost reduction when deleting administrative tasks in the management of your payments, document and issuance manipulation from the communications to the suppliers.
    • Detailed information on your payment orders' situation via Bankia Online Business.
    • Broader safety, since runs payable by Bankia the confection of the documents, in which you can include, if thus it request, the signature of the client and your company's logo.
    • Notebook shipment possibility 67 and 68 any time from the day via Bankia Online Business.
    • Possibility of issuing your own bills, adjusted cheques or promissory notes to the banking standard, providing its incorporation in our systems for its subsequent payment and control.
    • Bankia elaborates for you the bills and the letter to communicate to your suppliers the credited invoices.
    • Better control of the management via the computer systems that we put at your disposal from Bankia Online Business.
    • Detailed and regular information on the status of cheques and promissory notes issued and direct debit payments.