Bussines Payroll Service

It makes the deposit of the salaries of its company in a simple way from Bankia Online Business.

Main features

  • The Payroll Service Business you allow paying your company's salaries in a simple way. Only have to send a list or to broadcast for via computer science a file with details and Bankia will carry out the payments of your choice through pay into an account of the group, transfers to other companies or cheques salary.

    So that the assets payment is produced in the required term, your company must fulfill following requirements:

    • Have sufficient funds in your accounts when the payment order is executed.
    • Send us the information at least 3 business days before the payment date for magnetic media and 5 business days for printed lists.

    The Bankia Business Payroll Service has the Quality Certificate awarded by AENOR, no. EXP-97/04747ER703.


Advantages of using Bankia Online Business

    • Via your computer can make operations in a fast way and efficient any time from the day.
    • You can also make a wide range of enquiries and carry out operations anywhere and at any time.
    • Time and travelling expense saving when operating from your work.
    • Better control and monitoring of payrolls, as well as completely secure operations, as you must enter a series of personal and non-transferable passwords to access the service and to move funds.
    • The generation of the magnetic support or file with payment orders for its later shipment, can carry out from the Bankia itself Online Business or via the software Bankia File Generator that you will provide free of charge.