Servicios de Transferencias Masivas

Processes in a simple way, agile and chest of drawers the transfers that you wish carry out so much to Bankia as to other national financial institutions.

Main features

    • Simple: Bankia puts at your disposal the tools necessary to the generation of massive payments.
      • Bankia Generator: via Bankia Online Business or of the web portal companies, can download you the free generator of files Bankia.
      • SEPA payments: in Bankia Online Business can generate the payments that you wish for its subsequent shipment.
    • Agile: you can carry out the payments that you wish in a single file, without the need for individually carry out them. Thus you reduce your administrative administrative steps.
    • Chest of drawers: via Bankia Online Business can carry out the shipment of the file of massive transfers for its processing by Bankia.

Advantages of using Bankia Online Business

    • Via your computer can make operations in a fast way and efficient any time from the day.
    • Carry out enquiries and operations at any time and place.
    • Time and travelling expense saving when operating from your work.
    • Great control and follow-up of the salaries, as well as total security in its operations, since to access the service or carry out movement of funds a series of personal and non-transferable keys are requested.
    • The generation of the magnetic support or file with the payment orders for its subsequent shipment, can carry out from the Bankia itself Online Business or via the software Bankia File Generator that you will provide free of charge.