Servicio Divisa Elección (DCC)

A service that allows to the businesses offer to its overseas customers the pay in its origin currency.


    • Available for individuals or institutions that they have a POS of Bankia (including Virtual POS).
    • Especially directed to businesses located at tourist areas with country' clients out of the area Euro.
    • Is a value-added service that offers more opportunities of sale for your business. The clients sit down more comfortable paying in its own currency.


  • Your clients earn and your business also:

    • You do not have do nothing: this service is already activated in your POS (both Physical and Virtual) and calculates the change of currency automatically.
    • Is free. It does not suppose you an extra cost.
    • Valid for Visa Cards and MasterCard.
    • More information. Your international clients in advance know which they are going to pay in its currency.
    • Available in all the currencies.

    Offers this service and gives facilities to your overseas customers.