Batch Transfer Services

Expedite simply, agilely and conveniently the transfers you wish to make both in Bankia and other national financial institutions.

Main features

    • Simple: Bankia gives you the necessary tools to generate batch payments.
      • Bankia generator: through the Oficina Internet Empresas (OIE) or the Business portal, you can download the free Bankia file generator Bankia.
      • SEPA payments: in the OIE you can create the payments you wish and have them processed later.
    • Fast: you can make the payments you wish in a single file, without having to make them individually. In this way, you reduce your administrative tasks.
    • Comfortable: through the OIE you can send the batch transfers file for it to be processed by Bankia.

Benefits of using the Oficina Internet Empresas

    • Using your computer, you can quickly and efficiently execute operations at any time of day.
    • Make enquiries and carry out operations anywhere and at any time.
    • Save time and travel expenses by carrying out operations from your workplace.
    • Greater control and monitoring of payrolls, as well as completely secure operations, as you must enter a series of personal and non-transferable passwords to access the service or to move funds.
    • The electronic media or file with payment orders for subsequent sending can be generated from the Oficina Internet Empresas itself or using the software Bankia File Generator that we will provide you with free of charge.