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Responsible Management

We know the significant thing that it is the financing for your business

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    Multiproducto Global Facility

    It unifies low an only contract the financing of the working capital of your company. In addition, can assign an overall limit to distribute between different products.

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    Reverse factoring

    We offer suppliers the possibility of consulting and anticipating invoices that they have been communicated by its clients.

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    Comercio Exterior Facility

    All the support of your international activity in a single contract.

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We put at your disposal services that they do to grow your business

  • Batch Transfer Services

    It processes in a simple way, agile and chest of drawers transfers that you wish to carry out so much to Bankia as to other national financial institutions.

  • Financial Aggregator

    It visualises balances and movements of your accounts of other financial institutions, without the need for to enter the service of online banking of each one of them.

  • Bankia Empresas Informa

    We present you one Newsletter designed for managers, managers and professionals of companies, with which will be punctually given information on economic current affairs.