Descuento Comercial

  • Possibility of consulting and anticipating the invoices

    that have been communicated by your customers

  • Detailed information on your invoices. 100% financing of your invoices. It covers financing needs.

Agro Commercial Discount benefits

We know how important it is to have liquidity in your daily operations.

Expenses, payments, invoices and a long list of other things that weigh on the working capital of cooperatives, storage companies, agro-food companies in general and farmers.

That is why it is important to have a specific Agro Commercial Discount facility to manage your particularities. Through the commercial discount, you can bring forward the collection of your receivables and turn them into cash (bills, letters, invoices, certifications, etc.) without having to wait until they fall due.

And, Why is a Commercial Discount facility suitable for you?

  • Bankia sees to carrying out all the administrative procedures to collect the nominal value of these credits from your clients.
  • You obtain funds and liquidity as and when you need them, as you will be able to present the commercial paper according to your cash collection and payment forecasts.
  • By holding a discount facility, you can have access to the funds quickly, since you simply have to present the credits to be discounted.
  • Tailored economic conditions: if you use the liquidity obtained from the discounted remittance to make payments to your farming producers, you will obtain a subsidised discount rate.