Préstamos y Créditos Sindicados

  • We have a significant presence

    On the European and American market

  • We help in the business development of your clients. Extensive distribution network. We are essential in expansion, assessment and financing processes.


The renown obtained in the market due to its management, structuring and assurance skills in syndicated operations, along with specialised knowledge of the origination and distribution teams, represent the main assets through which clients decide to place their trust with Bankia for structuring their main financing operations.

The origination and distribution teams are responsible for determining, along with clients, the optimal financing structure, adapting it to the financial profile of each company and to the market conditions at all times, in addition to to coordinating the syndication process that will give entry to other companies to participate in the operation.

In this respect, the extensive distribution network we have developed over the years positions us as a key entity in the processes of expansion, assessment and financing of our clients' strategic decisions.

We cooperate in the corporate development of our clients by providing them with suitable financing instruments that are made to measure for tackling their projects.

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