COMEX Notifications

The Comex Notifications Service helps you manage your operations by providing regular information on the most important events in your international activity.

Advantages of the Comex Notification Service

  • Once again we offer you a free service that does not require you to sign any contract. The service is automatically activated when conducting international trade operations with Bankia.

    You will be able to receive these communications via (choose):

    • Your personal mailbox in the Oficina Internet Empresas (activated by default).
    • SMS (you can indicate up to 3 recipient mobile phones).
    • Email (up to 3 email accounts).

    You can also choose which notifications (PDF, 178 kB) you want receive, the service channel of reception and even the time slot of the reception.

    For more information on this product, see this presentation (PDF, 941 kB)