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  • Bankia Online Empresas

  • Solred Credit Card

    Solred Credit Card

    The perfect card for companies, SMEs, self-employed workers and professionals.

    Registration fee


    2% discount

    at Repsol, Campsa and Petronor

  • Discounted Oil Debit Card

    Discounted Oil Debit Card

    The simplest way of buying subsidised gas oil B (agricultural tractors and machinery).


    your expenditure


    Direct to your account

  • Business Clásica Card

    Business Credit Card

    Bankia offers your company two very special cards: Gold Card and Silver Card.


    The registration fee


    For your purchases

  • Discounted Oil Debit Card

    Discounted Oil Credit Card

    The most convenient way of purchasing your subsidised diesel oil, deferring payments to month end without interest.


    To month end


    For gas oil B and C

  • Business Via T Card

    Vía T Card

    For both road transport fleets and company vehicles. Use motorways without having to stop at tollgates.


    For regularity


    In the associated account

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Business Payroll Service
Pay salaries of simple way from Bankia Online Business

Our specialised services for your company

  • Suppliers Payment Service

    Bankia offers you the possibility of automating payment to suppliers by preparing the corresponding documents.

  • Batch Transfer Services

    A simple, quick and convenient way to make the transfers you wish to Bankia and other Spanish banks.

  • Charge and Payment Management

    Improve how your company manages charges and payments thanks to this tool.