Exchange rates

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  • Contract your currencies in our Online Bankia Business

Work with different currencies as if they were euros

Currencies are not to be played with


  • We offer you: counted, buy/sell of forward exchange and derivatives.
  • You can contract the buy/sell of forward exchange for your sale operations or purchase.
  • Eliminate foreign exchange risk. See the final price in advance.

Products designed to help your company to grow

Alternative coverage products to the Buy/sell of forward exchange, designed custom-made of our clients' needs.

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    Buy/sell of forward exchange and counted

    With these operations the client acquires the obligation to buy or sell a currency to the bank to a certain price.

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    Alternative coverage products to the Buy/sell of custom-made designed forward exchange of our clients' needs.

  • How can I contract the Business card?

    At your branch or through your commercial manager.

    The contract will register the company (legal entity), whereas the cards will be given to persons.

  • What fees are charged by the card companies?

    Signing up for the card is free.

    The maintenance fee is rebated starting from the fourth beneficiary card and successively. In addition, for each individual card on which 5,000 euros is spent on credit in the twelve months prior to the fee due date, said fee will be waived.

  • What are the benefits of the companies card?

    • Registration fee.
    • Accident insurance.
    • Employee disloyalty insurance.
    • Discount at associated Galp service stations all over Spain.
    • Discounts with Hertz.
    • Connection Service (free IT and legal assistance).