Línea de Comercio Exterior

The Comercio Exterior Facility is a single risk contract for the majority of Foreign Trade operations.

Main features

    • The Foreign Trade Facility provides you with operational agility and reduces costs and procedures.
    • The policy is formalised only once, and it is not required to be renewed.
    • It can be Multi-company, several holders enabled, and Multi-currency, enables operation in the main currencies.
    • Once you have the necessary Comercio Exterior Facility in Bankia for the procedure of the risk operations, will be able to operate in an immediate way, even via Bankia Online Business, until the limit of authorised availability.

    This contract establishes a maximum available limit, a term of validity (usually 1 year) and the types of risk operations you can contract.

Types of risk operation

    • Documentary Import Letters of Credit.
    • Guarantees.
    • International Confirming.
    • Financings of imports.
    • Financings of exports.
    • Buy/sell of forward exchange.


    If it wants deepen in this product consult our brochure (PDF, 641 kB).