Bankia Online Empresas

Connect you already to Bankia Online Business, and carries out your way enquiries and bank transactions simple and with total security.

Advantages of Online Bankia Business

  • In Bankia Online Business allows more than 400 transactional services including confirming, sales purchase contracting of forward exchanges, transfers in currencies charged to lines of foreign trade, financing of the purchases of clients of the trade, new functionalities in the shipment and file management, personal mailbox for the client, online correspondence, markets information and operations of stock exchange via Bankia Broker, etc.

    Its main advantages are:

    • Access to the server from any terminal or device with an internet connection. No need for installation or maintenance of any kind.
    • Speed of your operations, therefore improving administrative effectiveness of your business.
    • Processing sending requests and the receipt of banking records, requests for statements above two months.
    • Saving time. Save yourself travel and wait time
    • Full-time availability. so much of the service Bankia Online Business as of the Customer Service. Both are available for possible enquiries or operational incidents 7 days a week 24 hours a day .
    • Savings on management expenses. discounted fees on transactions.
    • Security: which enables you to have personalised passwords that you can control directly from your company.
    • Maintenance: Bankia you offers a specific customer service helpline via the phone number 902 10 8 6 4 2 (L-V of 8.00am to 10.00pm, not national bank holidays).

Functionalities of Online Bankia Business

    • Overall position: it allows customising the presentation of the information, add to favourite products and include market charts and contributions.
    • File management: Application that allows you to generate and send files with collection and payment orders, receive statement files, send back bills and notes and view activity of POS.
    • Electronic invoicing: Service to manage and administer electronic invoices, and their payment and collection.
    • Accounts: view movements for up to the last 2 years.
    • Payment to suppliers: Service whereby the customer sends a file with a list of the documents payable they have issued for inclusion in the computer systems and subsequent payment monitoring by Bankia. Option to include posting to suppliers with letters stating to which bills the payments correspond.
    • Taxes and bills: payment and tax management of the Spanish Tax Agency, that allows you to carry out online settlements and pay municipal taxes to town councils (Madrid, Barcelona and the Council of Tarragona) and the non-directly debited bills of the more than 700 existing bill issuers.
    • Bill portfolio: View negotiated bills through your portfolio.
    • Financing: View the status of your loans, guarantees, etc. Reverse factoring: suppliers can request advances on confirmed invoices, clients can view request the reported invoices and their corresponding deposit receipts.
    • Cards: View movements, request statements, as well as changing the conditions of issued cards. Infocorporate is an application that provides reports on spending and comparisons by months and sectors.
    • Investment: View deposits, investment funds, repos and securities. Via the new Bankia Broker, you can conduct stock market transactions and view market information.
    • Foreign Trade: enquiry and management of foreign trade lines, such as transfers in currencies, purchase forward exchanges sales, etc.
    • Servicios: Processing of bills that lets you view the conditions in the proceeding as a bill issuer. Social Security payments.
    • User management: The manager of the contract can create and delete users' profiles according to operations that they wish to carry out, providing in turn access codes.
    • Personalizar: Clients can change their login passwords electronic signatures as many times as they like, as well as their nicknames.
    • Favourites: You can save your frequent transaction data so that the transactions will be automatically filled in for you next time.
    • Personal mailbox of the customer: Via this communication channel, you can contact the bank to obtain information, make technical queries, make suggestions and much more.