Sure Deceases

Drawing of a funeral tape
  • Sure Deceases

We know that you want help to yours

That is why you can offer to your family calm and a customised attention before the loss of a loved one.

We saw about everything so that in those moments, the more difficult, yours have everything the necessary support.

We work to put on all easier

  • Funeral insurance

    Bankia Always

    You will have cover the coordination, organisation and provision of the funeral services in the event of death for any cause.

  • Single premium deceases insurance

    Single Premium Deceases insurance

    Why be not untroubled to any age. With a lump payment of the provision without prices surcharges nor updates, without surprises.

  • Decesos Internacional Insurance

    Decesos Internacional Insurance

    In the event of death of the insured persons, these will be repatriated to its home country. Because arrived the moment, all would like return to our origins.

Our insurance

  • Sure health

    Have an insurance of health means have a welfare medical coverage quality, completely customised and adapted to the profile of each insured person.

  • Risk life insurance

    We are sure want guarantee the economic protection of your family. That is why we have a surely guarantees the payment of a capital in the event of death.

  • Accident insurance

    We guarantee you the economic protection of your family in the event of accident in your personal or professional life 24 hours a day.