Insurance of health

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  • Health insurance simulator

You want take care your health and that one of your family?

Have an insurance of health means have a welfare medical coverage quality for you and your family, completely customised and adapted to the profile of each insured person. Enjoys some exclusive health benefits.

A health insurance for every need

We are sure want take care your health and that one of your family

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    Health Medical Team

    Enjoys the highest quality in medical care within a broad professionals chart, and private schools.

  • Health Reimbursement

    Health Reimbursement

    Chooses freely the practitioner and hospital to that which want attend, with maximum coverages to worldwide level.

Our insurance

  • Life insurance Risk

    We are sure want guarantee the economic protection of your family.

  • Accident Insurance

    We guarantee you the protection that need in the event of accident.

  • Funeral insurance

    You will have cover the coordination, organisation and provision of the funeral services.

  • Which is the period of lack in an insurance of health?

    In general, the majority of the health insurance's provisions begin to provide service at the time of the contracting of this, but in order to be able to use some specific services that are included, the insured person, sometimes, he owes expect some time.

    For example, if the insured person has carry out a surgical procedure, the exclusion term will be 6 months.