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Agro agricultural assistance

Agricultural aid advance simulator

Bankia thinks about you and places at your disposal everything your business needs


  • Expert advice to attend to all your business needs.
  • Our Pack Negocios with all the products and services your business needs.
  • Financing so that your projects continue to grow.

Customised products that adapt to your business

  • Business Pack

    Business Pack

    The products your business needs and moreover, if you contract it before the end of the year, you will receive the Premium Legal Protection Service* for a year

    *Legal Aid for your business.

  • Leasing


    We are committed to the self-employed and offering the best financing for your business with some very advantageous conditions.

  • Credi POS

    Credi POS

    Now using the Bankia POS gives you financing for your business via CrediPOS.

Bankia Indicex

Bankia Índicex analyses the digital competitiveness of your business and improves your commercial strategy

Our online services designed for your business

  • Oficina Internet Empresas

    Make your enquiries and bank transactions simply and with total security.

  • Electronic Invoicing

    Forget about paper invoices; you'll save on costs and expedite the notification process.

  • Charge and Payment Management

    Improve the management of your company's payments and receipts thanks to this tool.