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  • Advances of harvest

    Without fee of repayment

    Fast and simple procedure

Thanks to the financing of Bankia will be able to do big your operations or business

You offer a wide variety of financing products in order to be able to address expenses of your day by day and to your investment projects


  • Short term financial solutions adapted to the different casuistry of the field.
  • With specialists that you will advise to adapt the financial product to your needs and situation.
  • We adapt our products to the different cycles productive of your operations.
  • We analyse your investment project and look for the financial best solution to take it to cape.

Outstanding financings for your business

  • Farmer revising its harvest. EIB Agro

    EIB Agro-food

    A financing in exceptional conditions with the assistance of the European Investment Bank.





  • Farmer watching the atardecer. Agro Saeca

    Agro SAECA

    A loan adapted to the sector and guaranteed by SAECA to achieve to carry out your investments


    Without mortgages


    Until 15 years

  • Leaves of a harvest. Agro Confirming

    Agro Confirming

    Pay to suppliers offering them the possibility of anticipating the charge.


    In cost


    To the supplier

It discovers all the range of financing Bankia

  • Because there are always unforeseen events.

  • It manages in a simple way your payments.

  • If need to buy seeds and deposits.

  • We move forward your aid and subsidies' amount.

  • A loan adapted to the sector and guaranteed by SAECA to achieve to carry out your investments.

  • We finance you the 100 %.

  • Financing of the business projects of Spain and EU.

  • Financing of investments in fixed assets.

  • It finances the process of internationalisation and the exporting activity.

  • Financing of investments in fixed assets, products.

  • Provides the financing of investments in productive fixed assets.

Young girl with laptop and mobile phone. Indicex

Bankia Índicex analyses the digital competitiveness of your business and improvement your business strategy