Insurance Policies

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  • It wishes to protect its credit sales?

Your calm is priority for Bankia

That is why you offer a wide range of insurances that will protect your business before any unforeseen event...


  • You will be able to have the surely needs to protect your business.
  • You offer a customised study of all insurances that your business needs.
  • You will have to your discounts and discounts extent in all insurances.
  • Every supplementary insurance that you contract contributes discounts in which already have contracted.

We put at your disposal the surely need

  • Outline of service Business 360

    Business 360º

    Via the service 360º will know the degree of protection of your company.




    Expenses nor fees

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    We have the surely need to take care thealth of your business.


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    Expenses nor fees

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    Bankia Life Link

    With our life insurance, we can give you the peace of mind that comes from being secure no matter what happens.




    at a premium constant

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    Accident insurance

    We guarantee you the economic protection of your family in the event of accident in your personal or professional life 24 hours a day.

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Bankia Índicex analyses the digital competitiveness of your business and improvement your business strategy

  • Insurance of Autos

    Knows types of assurance that you have available for your vehicle.

  • Public Liability

    Have a liability insurance is indispensable to protect your heritage.

  • Life and Accidents groups

    It offers to your employees an additional payment giving them coverage in death or permanent disability situations.