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Our most popular products

  • Bankia Soy Así Cauto, FI

    Bankia Soy Así Cauto, FI

    Direct or indirect investment via IICs between 0% and 20% of the total exposure in equity assets.


    Initial investment

  • Flexible Card

    Purchase with the peace of mind of knowing in advance the amount of the bill of your card, because you decide the amount that you will pay every month.


    Registration fee


    how much and how

  • Protected credit

    We want you to enjoy life. That's why we offer you a credit so that your only concern will be precisely that, to enjoy life.


    Up to €60,000

    Peace of mind

    Seguro Crédito Consumo Protegido

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We adapt to you

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    Soy Joven

    We want to help you to save. Enter our Discount Area to find the best deals and promotions on hundreds of products and online stores.

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    Soy Senior

    We believe that saving should not be something occasional, so with Plan Bankia Senior you can save every day with special discounts.