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    Mortgage Subrogation

    Transferring the debt from one bank to another to improve the conditions of the loan, while maintaining the initial term and repayment conditions.

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    Expenses of the purchase of a property

    The expenses associated with the purchase of a property are those which are matched the administrative costs and financial that it can have the operation.

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    A microloan is a loan of small amount and with low interests, that is offered to entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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    What is the TIN and the APR?

    The TIN and the APR are two percentages that are applied to different operations financial, and that involve the payment or charge of a part of the money.

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    Credit and Loan

    The credit and the loan are two types of financing that they can use provided that there is a need of money or the acquisition of a good.

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  • What does structured financing consisted of?

    It is a financial method for achieving financing, often long-term and with initial grace periods, for an exceptional investment and/or of great magnitude and/or certain complexity, and when the investment constitutes an independent productive unit, using as a repayment source the future cash flow generated by the investment.

  • What other financing possibilities are available to me?

    We place new financing services at the disposal of individual customers, among which we can highlight the FinanExpress service and the Dinero Ya service.