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    Calendar of the contributor

    When the annual tax return is done? When is paid the IBI? And the road tax? How many statements of the VAT has do a small business after the year? We go over the dates of some of these taxes.


    The PERSONAL INCOME TAX is the Personal income tax, that is, a tax contribution of character staff and direct that gravel, according to the equality principles, generality and progressiveness, the income of individuals living in Spain in accordance with its nature and its personal circumstances and relatives.

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    BIC and IBAN

    Alphanumeric codes created to identify accounts and banking organisations to international level and expedite the bank transactions.

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    Advice to sell a property

    At a time when the growth in property transactions shows no sign of slowing down, it is important to take into account certain details in order to sell quickly and efficiently.

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    Digital signature

    Knows what is the digital signature, a way of carrying out the online main transactions with total security.

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    Succession and Donation tax

    What is, as is paid taxes or how much it is necessary to pay for the Inheritance tax and donations.

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