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    Why you should open a pension plan

    A pension plan is a long-term savings and investment product, the fundamental purpose of which is to ensure that the holder has the necessary funds to support their retirement.

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    Investment strategy

    An investment strategy is the set of rules, behaviours and procedures that an investor implements to get their money to grow.

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    Invest in the stock market

    Investing in the stock market involves participating in the purchase and sale of securities, such as shares of public limited companies, public or private bonds.

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  • What risk is there in an investment fund?

    The risk of an investment fund essentially depends on the type of assets it invests in, the rating of those assets, which geographical area they come from and the currency they are quoted in.

  • What is an investment fund?

    An investment fund is type of collective investment institution (CII) without a legal entity whose capital consists of the contributions of the investors, known as shareholders. They are established for the purpose of obtaining a return in the interest of the total capital, offering shareholders a series of benefits derived from that union of the capital of a large number of investors that said investors would be unable to obtain individually.