Hipoteca Sin Comisiones

  • The fee of your mortgage will be always the same one. Contract a fixed mortgage and, only for paying directly your income, we remove you fees.

  • No start-up fee. No appraisal fee. No cancellation/ early repayment fee
  • Drawing of a green key

    Advantages of contracting a Mortgage Without Fixed Fees in Bankia

    We have thought in you and you offer a mortgage to fixed interest rate so that you always pay the same thing and where you will not pay fees.

      • Term: Up to 30 years.
      • Amount: until 80 % of the investment for first property. 60% for second.
      • Fixed interest rate.
      • Monthly fees.
      • From 1.75 % NIR, 2.54%APR.

    Purchase or reform your house with the calm that it supposes to know the fee that are going to pay every month, without overjumps. When paying always the same thing, you will help to plan better future investments and even to face with possible broader safety incidental expenses.


    Icon mortgage It enjoys the calm of paying always the same amount, regardless of variations of the euribor.

    If your income are equal to or more than€1,800
    Period TIN APR
    Until 10 years 1.75% 2.54% information.
    Up to 15 years 2.00% 2.63% information.
    Up to 20 years 2.25% 2.80% information.
    Until 25 years 2.50% 3.00% information.
    Up to 30 years 2.75% 3.22% information.
    If your income are lower than€1,800
    Period TIN APR
    Until 10 years 2.25% 3.05% information.
    Up to 15 years 2.50% 3.14% information.
    Up to 20 years 2.75% 3.31% information.
    Until 25 years 3.00% 3.51% information.
    Up to 30 years 3.25% 3.73% information.



    More information of the Mortgage Without Fixed Fees


    Pre-contractual Information Note (FIPRE) 1, 2

    Further information (Act 3/2016 Andalusia)

    Additional Pre-Contractual Information Document (DIPREC) 1, 2


    If you are interested, uses our simulator and it customises your fee. Calculate mortgage