In Bankia know that the privacy and protection of its personal information is it more significant, for that reason, high security standards are used in its applications and systems, and are implemented the more advanced protective measures in order to looking after the confidentiality and entirety of the information.

The objective of the Political present is announce the way in which obtain, discuss and protect the personal details that the clients or users give directly or via a third party, good when provide its details in forms or tools website owned by Bankia, or through the navigation via the spaces or tools Bankia's website (Cookies). For example, (i) when the user is registered for the use of services, web applications, contracting of products, reception of boletínes of news, share in programmes or events or official Social Environments use of Bankia; or (ii) when the user gives contact information to Bankia, voluntarily, as a means of contact for enquiries at the service of attention to the social environments user or platforms, according to the current regulations with regard to data protection and, if necessary, its consent, all of them called hereinafter as “Bankia's communication channels”.

The Political present only will be valid for the obtained personal data via the spaces and tools website owned by Bankia, being not applicable for that information gathered by third parties in other service channels nor in the contracts that the user can formalise with Bankia, even if these are found linked or related to the “Bankia's communication channels”.

The User declares that the information and the details that provides accurate and veracious.


Person responsible for the details

· Bankia, S.A.

· VAT NUMBER: A14010342

· Registered office: C/Pintor Sorolla 8, 46002 Valencia.

· Telephone: 902 246 810

· Contact of the Delegate of Data protection:


Aims of the processing

Details facilitated by the users are collected via the “Bankia's communication channels” and/or whatever built in data collection forms in these service channels with the aims that are indicated in each one of these forms, through the acquisition of the users' consent.

The users that provide personal data, (included the image within its identification document, mobile phone and email), as well as the details to those which Bankia has access as a result of the navigation for websites of internet, of the enquiry or contracting of any service or product, or transaction or operation carried out, will be agreements by Bankia for, among others:

1. Attend, manage and reply the enquiries, questions and applications made by the users via the service channels of attention or communication enabled by Bankia;

2. Maintain, fulfill and control the relationship (pre) contractual between the users and Bankia;

3. Improve the pages or tools website owned by Bankia, as well as its products and services, with such of offering a better service to the user;

4. Send commercial communications on products and services, own or third-party;

5. Carry out studies with statistical ends; and

6. Comply with the legal obligations of Bankia.

At the moment of data collection the voluntary or compulsory nature of the data being collected will be indicated. The refusal to give data described as compulsory will mean that it will be impossible to access the service for which the data were requested. Similarly, will be able to provide details voluntarily so that they can provide of optimum way the offered services.

If the users of the “Bankia's communication channels” they owed provide its e-mail address to access some services that are offered at all times, will be able to state that they do not wish receive any type of communication that Bankia could send, provided that it is not linked strictly to the aim for that which the service was requested. Bankia will offer the users that registered in some were had type of mailing list within these “communication channels of Bankia” the suitable mechanisms and easily accessible to give of its cancellation.


Legitimation of the processing

Bankia only will obtain those personal details that the user wishes voluntarily provide, and in accordance with the current regulations with regard to personal data protection, as well as with regard to services of the information society.

The processing of the user's personal details can result necessary to the maintenance, fulfillment and control of the relationship created between the user and Bankia, as well as for the fulfillment by Bankia of its legal obligations. In the other suppositions, and provided that is opportune and necessary, Bankia will request to the user its consent to discuss its personal details.


Disclosure of data

Will only be yielded details to third parties if the user has provided its prior consent and informed through the phone dialing of the correct box, unless its details' cession was necessary to the maintenance of the relationship with the user, in which case it will be previously learnt more about the aforementioned cession.

Similarly, learns more to the user that, if the cession is not necessary to the maintenance of the relationship with the user, in the forms of Bankia data collection will request to the user of separate way the consent and will inform of the aim of the processing and of the identity or business sectors of possible assignees of the personal details.

In case is requested to the user the consent for the cession of its details to companies of the Group Bankia with commercial aim, will be offered to the user the possibility of accepting or not that cession, through the phone dialing of the corresponding box. The companies' updated composition of the Group Bankia or collaborators to those which you can yield details with commercial aim can be consulted, in an updated way, in the next link (PDF, 198 kB).


Conservation of the details

The details will be kept by the time that it was necessary to the aim that they went collected and they will be blocked when they have stopped being necessary to the aim for which went collected being to Judges exclusive willingness and Courts, the Attorney General's Office or the Relevant Public Administrations, in particular authorities of data protection, for the attention of the possible accountability born of the processing, during the limitation period of these. Compliment the aforementioned term Bankia will proceed to its details' suppression.


Financial year of rights

The user at any time will be able to:

1. Access to its personal details that Bankia has he (access right).

2. Modify its personal details that they are inaccurate or incorrect (right of rectification).

3. Cancel its personal details when, among others reasons the details are no longer necessary (right of suppression).

4. Request the limitation of the use of its personal details by Bankia, in which case will only be kept for the financial year of claims (right of limitation).

5. Oppose to that its personal details are used for ends different than the relationship with the user (right of opposition).

6. Obtain its personal details in a computer file for its use or to provide it to him to a third party (right of portability).

Previous access rights, rectification, suppression, limitation, opposition and portability can practice directly by the holder of the details or through legal representative or volunteer, via written communication, proving its identity, directed to protecciondedatos@bankia.comor to post office box 61076, Madrid 28080.


Commercial communications

It learns more to the user of that, via forms of data collection, Bankia would be able to obtain its consent, to send him commercial communications.

Of giving its consent, Bankia would be able to get in touch with the user by regular mail, email, SMS, or any other electronic media equivalent, to send him commercial communications on its products and/or services or; where applicable; to send him commercial communications on products and/or identified third-party services, or belonging to the sectors that are indicated, in the corresponding box.

In any case, the user does not be obliged to receive the mentioned advertising. If in a certain moment the User does not wish follow receiving communications of this nature, will be able to revoke its consent directing its written application, proving its identity, to the e-mail address, to the Section of Correos 61076, 28080 Madrid, or using the link set up for this purpose in the electronic commercial communications that receives.



The “Bankia's communication channels” it can contain links to other websites. Take into account that Bankia is not person responsible for the privacy and other websites' data processing or service channels. This document is applied exclusively to the information that is obtained in the “Bankia's communication channels“. We recommend him that it reads the political data processing of other websites with which link from our “communication channels of Bankia” or that it visits of any other way.


Social networks

The users have the opportunity of uniting to the pages or groups that Bankia has in different social networks. The user owes take into account that, unless Bankia requests him its details directly (for example, to reply enquiries in a private environment), its details will belong to the corresponding Social Network. Therefore, users are recommended to read carefully the terms and it conditions of use and the privacy policies of the corresponding Social Network, as well as are ensured of setting up its preferences when it comes to its details' processing.



One of Bankia's top priorities is the protection of our clients' data. For this high security standards are used in its applications and systems, and are implemented the more advanced protective measures in order to looking after the confidentiality and entirety of the information, maintaining highest degree of demanded security for the Act to protect the personal data of the user when dealing with fortuitous losses and accesses, unauthorised processing or revelations, had account of the state of the technology, nature of the stored data and the risks to that are exposed.

Take a closer look at the security measures with which the Entity protects your information and that will allow it to improve the protection of enquiries and transactions both at the Bank and on the Internet.



The personal details that Bankia can obtain via the “Bankia's communication channels”, or through different communications that it maintains with the user, will be agreements with absolute confidentiality, promising Bankia to save secrecy with regard to the same and guaranteeing the duty of saving adopting all the necessary actions that avoid its alteration, loss, processing or access not authorized, in accordance with that established in the applicable law at all times.

So that the information provided is always updated and it does not contain errors, the user should communicate, shortly, the modifications and rectifications of its personal data that they leave producing.



The access to the “Bankia's communication channels” it can involve the use of cookies. The cookies are files that are downloaded in the team of the user with the aim of collecting details that they are essential for the correct functioning of the websites, applications or any other website of the group Bankia, contributing advantages to the user, providing him the navigation and their user-friendliness, and that they will be able to be updated and recovered by the companies of the group Bankia people responsible for its facility. Cookies have, in general, a limited time duration.

No cookie permits the possibility of contact via the phone number of the user, their e-mail address or with any other means of contact. No cookie can extract information from the hard disk of the user or steal personal information. The only way by which the private information of a user forms part of the cookie file is if the user personally gives that information to the server. Those users who do not wish to receive cookies or who want to be informed of their presence can configure their web browser for this purpose.

It can consult the detailed information and updated on cookies in the Cookies policy of the group Bankia.


Review of the Privacy policy

Bankia will carry out a review of the Privacy policy annually, unless there are demands regulations or of another kind that they do necessary to adapt the Policy with an inferior frequency. Therefore the Policy, users are advised to consult in each of the occasions that it is going to consult or use spaces or tools website owned by Bankia or, at least you, consult periodically its content.


Date update: 25/05/2018