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  • New Bankia Online

Welcome to Online Bankia. We have improved our online banking to make sure it is the easiest thing to use.

Better browsing

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    Easy access

    It is easier than getting in to the trendy bar on a Saturday night when you're not on the VIP list. Sign in to your customer area through easy access.

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    New menu

    It is easier than opening window after window, clicking and clicking again. You have a new menu to access any Bankia Online feature in two steps.

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    Easier than get up of the beach chair and to search a computer to do any management with your bank, is being able to do her from your smartphone or tablet.

Better browsing.
New features

New features

Withdraw cash without card

What's easier than going back home to grab your wallet? Being able to send your daughter the money she needs with a reference number so she can withdraw cash without a card at an ATM.

Digital manager

It is easier than listening to the never-ending hold tune. You have direct contact with your Personal Manager.

Broker and securities

It is easier than betting on horse number seven named Seabiscuit. You can receive all market information using the broker feature.


It is easier than studying a degree in maths and economics to be able to calculate your investment fund loan. You have calculators.

Everything designed for your convenience. Plus, don't forget you can also do the following:

      • Bank in real time while being completely secure, 24 hours a day.
      • Access your accounts, payment cards or loans from wherever you are, without waiting.
      • See detailed information on your products.
    • Turn cards on and off with just an internet connection
    • Withdraw cash from our network of ATMs without a card
    • Recover passwords

How do I login?

Using Bankia Online is simple. You just need to press the "Customer Access" button shown in the upper right-hand side of the website
or through the following link.

When the login box opens enter your national ID, passport or residency number and the access code (your card PIN code).

If you still are not enjoying the benefits of Bankia Online then you can apply online.