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    Variable-Rate Mortgage With No Fees

    If you need to finance your home purchase, at Bankia we have the mortgage for you.

    From 1.20% NIR first year

    euribor + 1.20% NIR, 1.70% APR

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    Credit Card ON

    If you have Cuenta_ON, then this is your credit card.

    Registration fee


    Without cost

    of maintenance

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    Fund comparison tool

    Compares your favourite funds' characteristics, can include until three different every time.


    because of risk and category


    your fund

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Promotions and campaigns

We adapt to you.

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    I'm young

    Enjoy your space with exclusive offers and discounts for being young, and forget about fees.
    Plus, now we tell you interesting stories via Snapchat: bankiatecuenta.

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    I'm a senior

    Having your pension paid directly into your account with Bankia has many advantages. And, with the Bankia Senior Plan, you can save every day with special discounts.

(1) valid Promotion for the clients that they contract the Credit Card ON in Bankia Online between on 21/01/2017 and on 30/04/2018. The promotion will consist of the delivery for email of an Amazon's gift voucher valued at € 10. Limited at 10,000 first contractings, maximum a cheque by client. Subject to the approval by Bankia.
Amazon.es it does not sponsor this promotion. The Gift vouchers of Amazon.es owe exchange in the page of Amazon.es, for the products included in our online and sold catalogue for Amazon.es or any other salesman that bandage via the platform of Amazon.es. The gift vouchers you can not recharge, resell, transfer for a value, exchange for cash or use with another account. Amazon.es is not done person responsible for the loss, theft, destruction or use not indulged of the gift vouchers. See the complete terms and conditions in www.amazon.es/cheques-regalo-condiciones. Amazon EU SARL issues the Gift vouchers. All the ®, TM ET © Amazon are the copyright of Amazon.com or of its subsidiaries. Promotional Terms and Conditions (PDF, 96 kB). The gift voucher will be delivered for email. Is significant to have updated the email in personal details in Bankia Online.

(2) If you do not maintain your digital profile, the card will cease to be free. Registration and renewal fee: € 28.