Contributions to pension plans

Contributions to pension plans

  • Refund first contribution

Contract it online and makes good use of this opportunity

The Bankia pension plans put it to you easy: Online contract a plan of contributions on a regular basis* and we paid into you account the first contribution.

Chooses the plan that better is adapted to you according to your age and guarantees the incomes of your retirement, in order to be able to enjoy them to the maximum.

If need more information also can contact with your manager.

Ensure your future never had been so easy. Until 30 of June contract it online and makes good use of this opportunity. Notarial Bases of the promotion (PDF, 554 kB).

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What is Banca Personal?

Banca Personal is a high-value service for customers who need personalised advice


  • A personal adviser always ready to help you.
  • Financial advice and planning.
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Advantages of being our customer

As a customer of Bankia Banca Personal, you will have at your disposal a team prepared to select the best opportunities at each moment and to offer you the most interesting alternatives for your investments.

Personalised care

As a customer of Bankia Banca Personal, you have at your disposal the advice of your personal adviser, supported by a professional team that will help you to select best alternatives for your investments.

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Request a personalised investment proposal

Exclusive products so we can adapt to your needs

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    Profile-based pension plans

    So that you can find what is best suited to your requirements according to your age and risk profile.

    A plan

    For every risk profile


    Periodical or one-off

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    Bankia Evolución Funds

    With strict risk-control and the best investment opportunities at all times.




    In any market environment

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    Banca Personal Platinum Card

    This card will give you access to an exclusive area filled with perks.


    AENA VIP Lounges


    Travel assistance

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    We have a security suite for you to protect yourself when you use technology.

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    Analysis on economic and banking matters and current affairs.

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    Prices of shares and the main indexes and currencies.



* Bankia is the Depositary Company and Promoter. Bankia Pensiones EGFP S.A., the Managing Entity is. Notarised terms and conditions available. Subject to tax in accordance with prevailing tax legislation. Valid promotion for the selection of individual plans included in the Notarial Bases, for the contracting of a systematic plan of monthly contribution on a regular basis of at least, ? 50 monthly via the online service channel in which the operations is available (Bankia Online and/or App Bankia), for clients that they do not have registered no systematic plan of contribution on a regular basis on 30 April 2019. Associated and Employment System Pension Plans are excluded. It will be compulsory condition that the client requests, in the online service channel of available contracting, the allocation of the gift via the note of application, the same day of contracting of the systematic plan and of deposit of the first contribution. Similarly, for the delivery of the promotional discount will be necessary that the shareholder accepts, through the signature of the note of acceptance, that the consolidated right of all the pension plans that the client has in Bankia as a trading company of the same, on the allocation of the promotional discount, is not seen reduced as a result of mobilisations of exit towards other different pension plans of the included in the current promotion (are already managed by Bankia Pensiones or for other managing entities), or as a result of the charge of the in a good shape provision different than the financial income and/or insured person, and that the systematic plan of contracted monthly contribution on a regular basis and that gives right to participate in this promotion, is not unsubscribed in other words reduced its amount or frequency, until elapsed 60 months from the allocation of the promotional discount. Limited promotion to the net deposit in account of the amount out of the first contribution carried out to the monthly systematic plan with a maximum of 300 euros by client. The commercial act will be in force of 6 May to 30 June 2019. The Key Investor Information Document about the plans can be requested free of charge and can be viewed inwww.bankiapensiones.esand in the seller's branches. An annual return has been supposed for the calculation of the accumulated capital of 3% (this return has character merely estimatorio and it does not suppose a guarantee of future results), until 67 years.