Asesoramiento y planificación

A team of highly qualified professionals will offer you the best investment recommendations.

How we advise you

  • Your Personal Manager is at your disposal at your Bankia branch for:

    • Analyse your needs and expectations to offer you a completely personalised advisory service.
    • Study the financial climate and identify the most interesting investment proposal for you.
    • Keep an eye on the status of your portfolio at all times.
    • Check how your investment is performing in order to adapt it to the financial climate of the time.

Where to invest?

  • Bankia Banca Personal provides you with a specialised financial advisory service to help you to make the right decisions for you to manage your investments.

    All you have to do is answer a simple questionnaire to determine your investor profile, i.e. what kind of investment you're looking for and your preferences.

    If you have different expectations for your investments (maintaining your standard of living in your retirement, buying a house, etc.) with different time horizons, it is appropriate that you consider each objective separately to achieve the best result.

    Find our your best investment by replying to a simple questionnaire.

Planning for retirement

  • At Bankia Banca Personal we offer you free advice for planning your retirement savings.

    Your Personal Manager has sophisticated financial tools with which you will be able to see:

    • Your net worth upon retirement, based on the savings you allocated to your retirement fund.
    • The contributions you will need to make to achieve the provisions you require.

    With this service you will obtain a combination of investment products with which to reach your expectations. With assistance of your Personal Manager, you will be able to modify any of your objectives and adapt them to your personal circumstances at any time.

    You can also view all the information you need to follow the day-to-day progress of your investments via Bankia Online, or if you prefer, you can contact your manager directly.

    See our pension plans.