Government bonds

You throw away them recover without conviction

Returns have put brake to a downward trend that it lasted already two months, when bouncing between 10 and 15 rp, having been UK bonds the more punished ones (the rise of its throw away has exceeded 20 rp). Llama the attention the review with an upward trend that is being produced in the predictions of quoted inflation, in maximum from May, which it has promoted a certain recovery in the perspectives on monetary policy. Despite this movement, still appreciate resistance on sale of bonds, for doubts that it continues broadcasting North Korea, the caution shown by members of the Fed for the meeting of this week, inflation rates still low and the mistrust on a possible tax reform in the USA, despite the intention of the Republican Party of publishing a summary of its plan at the end of this month.

Therefore, although it can still have continuity the rise of throw away them, does not go it to do with the enough force as to allow that the American bond exceeds the 2.30 %, which you would suppose the split of the bearish service channel that it develops from March, or the German the resistance that it has in the 0.5 %. On the other hand, Austria has made the first public flotation to 100 years of a country of the EMU, with a value of 3500 millions and with an interest rate of just the 2.1 %.

Source: Bankia Studies