Government bonds

Without signs of exhaustion in the upward trend of throw away them

The fall of throw away them for the demand of shelter assets barely lasted a day. Returns of the bonds to 10 years of the USA and Germany have returned to the maximum that they registered last week and the oversale has barely been corrected that they accumulated. The market has had assimilate some very positive financial details, a rise of the volume in the issuances made by the Treasure of the USA and the greater willingness of the BoE to go up its type of reference. If something has been demonstrated is that the upward trend of throw away them is solid. Therefore, the objectives of 3% in the U.S. debt and of 0.9%-1.0% in Germany are reachable short-term. The worst behaviour has corresponded to the English curve, whose tir to the term of 10 years has gone up 5 rp.


Source: Bankia Studies