Germany registers in 2017 the great growth in six years

The behaviour of the indicators of industrial and sector activity exterior of Germany is still very positive: in November, the production grew almost twice the the expected thing (3.4 %); orders barely conformed, after three very dynamic months (-0.4 % vs 6.1 % accumulated between August and October); and exports increased with force (4.1 %), taking to the commercial surplus to a new all-time high (22,300 million euros). These details point out to that the GDP increased a 0.5 % quarterly ones in the 4T17, compatible with the announcement of the Branch of Statistics of that the economy grew about 2.5 % in 2017, maximum from 2011. In addition, the political uncertainty is reducing after the chancellor Merkel and Social Democrats have reached a commitment to close an agreement in the next weeks and to repeat a new “grand coalition ”government.

Lastly, the surplus for current account of the EMU was expanded in the 3T17, until a new all-time high of 129,000 million euros (36 % year-on-year) and the accumulated one of the latest year is equivalent to about 3.5 % of the GDP.

Source: Bankia Studies