Information for Banca Personal customers

Information for Banca Personal customers

At Banca Personal we are pursuing an important objective: to offer you the highest quality in service, advising, and assistance in order to respond to your needs and expectations.

Tax information

Your personal manager will help you calculate the fiscal implications of your investments and optimise your tax payments with products such as:


  • Pension plans: the contributions to which are deducted from your personal taxable income base within the established limits.
  • Deposit Ahorro 5: in which the returns are tax exempt provided you maintain your investment for 5 years.
  • Investment funds: in which increase in value will not be taxed until reimbursement is made and you can move positions from one fund to another without the need for to pay tax.
  • Savings insurance policies: in their different types depending on your needs.

To help him to plan its taxation, from Bankia him will send a Fiscal Information Notice by the end of the year so that it can carry out the necessary reductions for the statement of Income and Assets of the current year.




All-in-one Statement

The All-in-One Statement is a free correspondence service for Banca Personal customers that gives you monthly information on all your products grouped by:


  • Account movements.
  • Credit card movements.
  • Equity situation and asset classification.
  • Details of returns.

Furthermore, for those customers with a product portfolio, the All-in-one Statement contains a detailed report stating the breakdown and evolution of your investments, showing the basic parameters of each one both on an individual basis and jointly.

Your All-in-one Statement will always be available on Bankia Online and, if you prefer, you can also receive a hard copy at your home address.

Banca Personal newsletter

The Banca Personal Newsletter brings you the most cutting-edge information each week on the different geographic and financial markets, along with the latest news and innovations at Bankia Banca Personal:


  • By e-mail.
  • Our team of experts uses the broadest and most up-to-date analysis.
  • For free.


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