Su Gestor Personal

The Banca Personal manager is a highly qualified professional who has received specific training and is devoted exclusively to attending to Banca Personal customers.

Personal Adviser

  • The Personal Manager is an advanced tool that enables:

    • Analyse your needs and expectations, in order to achieve greater accuracy and effectiveness in our financial recommendations.
    • Study the financial scenario and identify the most interesting investment proposal for you, selecting the combination of assets and investment products best suited to your interests.
    • Keep an eye on the status of your portfolio at all times. Through the Alerts System, you will be kept informed at all times of any significant event that occurs in your assets.
    • Check how your investment is performing in order to adapt it to the financial climate of the time. As a result of this process of ongoing advice, we are able to suggest investment adjustments according to market movements or any changes in your own expectations.

Benefits of your Personal Manager

  • Your manager can provide you comprehensive advice, including on investments in other financial institutions. Furthermore, they actively monitor your products in order to offer you alternatives based on your needs and expectations.

    How can you contact your personal manager?

    • Banca Personal provides you with a fast and secure communication channel that allows you to connect with your manager without having to travel: the Oficina Internet Personal Inbox.
    • You can also contact your manager directly on your mobile phone using the service “Client – Manager SMS”. Simply send a text message to the number 215080 including the letters BP, space, and your message coming afterwards (cost of SMS set by your operator).
    • We also provide you with the contact telephone number available to Banca Personal customers: 902 246 135.
    • Or, if you prefer, you can visit your personal manager at your Bankia branch.

Bankia Online Personal Mailbox

  • From the option «My Manager» at Bankia Online can carry out following stock:

    • Identify your personal manager.
    • Ask your manager to call you.
    • Manage an appointment.
    • Send your manager an email.