Frequently asked questions

  • What is a digital signature and how can obtain her?

    The digital signature is one numerical password between five and eight characters that it will obtain at the time of the contracting of the service. This key is necessary to carry out certain operations in the digital service channels, such as anyone who require mobilisations of funds (transfers, internal transfers, tax payment,…), contracting of products, modification of conditions, etc.

    If at the time of carry out an operation of this kind does not have its digital signature or this is found blocked, it will be able to create a new one from Bankia Online or from the App Mobile phone. Additionally can unblock its digital signature key in any ATM of Bankia introducing one of its operational cards.

    And if it prefers, also can attend to a branch Bankia, where will be able to provide it to her.

  • How can operate online?

    If he is already Bankia's client can give of registration from the button “Access clients” that it will find in the right header of the web portal, clicking then in the button “Request keys”.

    If he is not yet Bankia's client, can give of registration in our website accessing the button “Do you client” located at the header of the web portal. Or if it prefers can attend to any of our branches.

  • How can pay a tax?

    Bankia has agreements established with large number of utility and financial companies, in addition to Town Councils, etc. that they allow carrying out its bills' payment and taxes via our digital service channels.

    To pay the bills or tax contributions can do it so much, from our App Bankia's Mobile phone as from our Bankia Online, in which also will be able to consult our Search engine of Issuers.

  • How can find the address of the branches of Banca Personal closer?

    In the header of the web portal has an immediate access to the Branch and ATM search engine, where will be able to find the address of the Branch of Banca Personal nearer.

  • What is the IBAN code?

    The International Bank Account Number (or IBAN) is a series of alphanumeric characters that uniquely identify an account held at a financial institution anywhere in the world. For all foreign transactions, you must use the Bankia IBAN and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) (CAHMESMMXXX). The aim of these two standards is to facilitate the automatic processing of cross-border payments.

  • How can contact with Bankia?

    In the header of the web portal has a button of "Customer service”, where will find our contact phone numbers and all the information on our attention service channels.

    If it prefers, can attend personally to any of our branches Bankia. Find your branch nearer in the Search engine of available branches in the header of the web portal.

  • Which are the main fees that charges Bankia?

    In Bankia have removed the fees to all our clients. Accounts administration fees and maintenance, the fees of usual debit cards, the fees for transfers without limit and for any service channel… and of course, do not be paid for the national cheque deposit.

    It can consult the rest of information and conditions of the programme FOR BEING YOU. Additionally has available in our footer all the information on Fares and Fees.

  • How can know which is the code SWIFT (BIC) of an account?

    The code BIC (Bank Identifier Code), also so-called code SWIFT, is a series of eight or eleven alphanumeric characters that identifies to a financial institution or a branch from a financial institution. For all foreign transactions, you must use the Bankia IBAN and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) (CAHMESMMXXX). The aim of these two standards is to facilitate the automatic processing of cross-border payments.

  • What is a stop-loss order (Stop Loss)?

    The stop loss are levels or sales points that a client can establish on a position of which is holder, and they serve to limit the losses in an operation of securities trading, when the contribution of a value is found above the above-mentioned level.

    The objective of this kind of orders is avoid that an operation generates a great loss which the client wishes assume.

  • How carry out a charge of dividends?

    To carry out the charge of dividends of a company which the client is holder it is necessary to attend to the conditions set for the company. For this its Personal Manager him will recommend the option more suitable or advantageous for you.

  • In what consists the advice that me gives my manager?

    Your personal manager will analyse your profile and needs to be able to offer you fully personalised advice. They will identify the most interesting investments for you, and will constantly monitor your portfolio and check how your investments perform to then adapt them to the current financial situation.

  • How can receive the Newsletter?

    Subscribing to the newsletter from our website is a simple process that won't take more than a minute.Access to the subscription

  • With what frequency bill the Newsletter?

    The Banca Personal Newsletter brings you the latest information from financial markets from around the world on a weekly basis.

  • I can receive an all-in-one statement with all my bills? With what frequency?

    Yes, our clients of Banca Personal receive monthly a free all-in-one statement with all its bunched mail information.

  • Is possible to achieve an advance of my fiscal information?

    Yes, our clients of Banca Personal, of exclusive way, before the close of the fiscal year receive information of the yields obtained in the contracted products with Bankia, so that it can plan its taxation with assistance of its manager.

  • Can my manager help me in the calculation of the fiscal implications of my investments and to optimise its tax payment with products?

    Its personal manager him will help to calculate the fiscal implications of its investments, and to optimise its tax payment with products such as pension plans, investment funds or the Deposit Saving 5.

  • How can contact with my personal manager?

    It can call him directly to its contact phone number, or via the Oficina Internet, in the tab of Personal Manager, where it can send him a message or request an appointment. Or if it prefers, also can send him a SMS.

  • I can arrange an appointment with my manager in a Branch of Bankia?

    Clear, calling directly to its manager or via Bankia Online, in the tab of Personal Manager.

  • Which are my manager's key roles?

    Its Personal Manager is at your disposal for any management, and to advise him in an only way and specialised on the more suitable products and services for you.