Frequently asked questions

  • What is a digital signature and how can I obtain one?

    A digital signature is a numerical password of between five and eight characters which you will be given when you sign up for the service. This key is necessary to carry out certain operations in the digital service channels, such as anyone who require mobilisations of funds (transfers, internal transfers, tax payment,…), contracting of products, modification of conditions, etc.

    If, at the time of carrying out a transaction of this kind, you do not have your signature key or it is blocked, you can create a new one on Bankia Online or on the Mobile App. You can also unblock your digital key password at any ATM of Bankia, by entering one of your operational cards.

    And if you prefer, you can also visit a Bankia branch, where they will be able to give it to you.

  • How can I operate online?

    If you are already a Bankia customer you can register via the “Sign in” button that you will find in the top right-hand of the web portal and by clicking on the link “Request passwords”.

    If you are not yet a Bankia customer, you can register on our website by accessing the button “Register as a customer” button located in the website header. Or if you prefer, you can visit any of our branches.

  • How can I pay a tax?

    Bankia has agreements established with large number of utility and financial companies, Town Councils, etc. therefore allowing you to comfortably pay your bills and taxes through our digital channels.

    You can pay your bills or taxes both from our Bankia's Mobile Phone App and our Bankia Online, in which also will be able to consult our Issuer search engine.

  • How can I find the address of the nearest Banca Personal branches?

    In the web portal header you have direct access to the Branch and ATM search engine, where you will be able to find the address of the nearest Banca Personal branch.

  • What is the IBAN code?

    An International Bank Account Number (or IBAN) is a series of alphanumeric characters that uniquely identify an account held at a bank anywhere in the world. For all foreign transactions, you must use the Bankia IBAN and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) (CAHMESMMXXX). The aim of these two standards is to facilitate the automatic processing of cross-border payments.

  • How can I contact Bankia?

    In the web portal header there is a button of "Customer service”, where you will find our contact telephone numbers and all the information on our customer service channels.

    If you prefer, you can visit any of our Bankia branches in person. Find your nearest branch in the search engine of available branches in the web portal header.

  • What are the main fees charged by Bankia?

    At Bankia, we have removed fees for all our customers. Account administration and maintenance fees, fees for ordinary debit cards, fees for transfers with no limit and via any service channel… and, of course, we do not charge for paying in national cheques.

    You can consult the rest of the information and conditions of the programme JUST FOR BEING YOU. Additionally, you have all the information on Tariffs and Fees available in our footnote.

  • How can I find out the SWIFT (BIC) code of an account?

    The BIC (Bank Identifier Code), also called the SWIFT code, is a series of eight or eleven alphanumeric characters that identify a financial institution or a branch of a financial institution. For all foreign transactions, you must use the Bankia IBAN and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) (CAHMESMMXXX). The aim of these two standards is to facilitate the automatic processing of cross-border payments.

  • What is a stop-loss order?

    Stop-loss orders are levels or sales points that a customer can set on a position of which they are the titleholder. They are useful for limiting losses in a securities trading operation when the price quoted for a security is above that level.

    The objective of this kind of order is to prevent an operation generating a loss greater than that which the customer is willing to take on.

  • How do I receive payment of dividends?

    To receive payment of the dividends from a company in which you have shares you have to follow the instructions established by the company. Your personal manager will recommend the most suitable or advantageous option for you.

  • What kind of advice will my manager give me?

    Your personal manager analyses your profile and needs to be able to offer you fully personalised advice. They identify the investments of most interest to you, keeping a permanent eye on the state of your portfolio and checking the evolution of your investments to adapt them to the current financial situation.

  • How can I receive the Newsletter?

    By subscribing to the newsletter from our website in a simple process that won't take more than a minute.Access to the subscription

  • How often do I receive the Newsletter?

    The Banca Personal Newsletter brings you the latest information from the different geographical and financial markets on a weekly basis.

  • Can I receive an integrated statement with all my bills? How often?

    Yes, our Personal Banking customers receive monthly a free integral statement containing all their correspondence information.

  • It is possible to receive an advance on my fiscal information?

    Yes, our Banca Personal customers exclusively, before the end of the financial year, receive information about the yields obtained on their products contracted with Bankia, so that they can plan their taxation with the assistance of their manager.

  • Can my manager help me to calculate the tax implications of my investments and optimise their taxation with products?

    Your personal manager will help you to calculate the tax implications of your investments and optimise your taxation with products such as pension plans, investment funds or the Ahorro 5 deposit

  • How can I contact my personal manager?

    You can call them directly on their phone number or contact them through the Oficina Internet; click on the Personal Manager tab to send them a message or make an appointment. Or, if you prefer, you can also can send them a text message.

  • Can I arrange an appointment with my manager in a Bankia branch?

    Of course, by calling your manager directly or contacting them through Bankia Online by clicking on the Personal Manager tab.

  • What are my manager's main functions?

    Your Personal Manager is at your disposal to help you with any procedure and to offer you expert advice on the most suitable products and services for you.