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    The best selection of cards, exclusively for you

    • Banca Personal Platinum Card

      Banca Personal Platinum Card

      A card that opens the doors to an exclusive space full of advantages.


      AENA VIP Lounges


      Travel assistance

    • Banca Personal Gold Credit Card

      Banca Personal Gold Credit Card

      With significant advantages and free insurance in the event of fraudulent use.


      Accident coverage up to 600,000 euros


      3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 months

    • Banca Personal Debit Card

      Banca Personal Debit Card

      An ideal card for the day-to-day activities of our most special customers.


      No fees


      Of emergency MasterCard

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    • What is a stop-loss order (Stop Loss)

      Stop-loss orders are levels or sales points that a customer can set on a position of which they are the titleholder. They are useful for limiting losses in a securities trading operation when the price quoted for a security is above that level.

      The objective of this kind of order is to prevent an operation generating a loss greater than that which the customer is willing to take on.

    • How to carry out a charge of dividends

      To receive payment of the dividends from a company in which you have shares you have to follow the instructions established by the company. Your personal manager will recommend the most suitable or advantageous option for you.

    • How can request a loan to invest in a new project

      Contact your manager and they will advise you on the most suitable type of financing for your project.

      You can also use the Oficina Internet and Oficina Móvil to enquire about and contract the pre-approved financing facility you have at your disposal.

    • Open (Fund):

      A type of pension fund characterised by being able to channel the investments of other pension funds. For its constitution it does not require an initial minimum capital for its correct financial development.

    • Business contributions:

      These are financial contributions made by the promoter of a workplace system pension plan

    • Contributions:

      They are the financial contributions that will be made by the promoter and/or participants, in the cases and ways that, in accordance with the current regulations, are established in the respective pension plan.