Hand maintaining a mobile phone
  • Payment for mobile phone

The best selection of cards, exclusively for you

  • Banca Personal Platinum Card

    Banca Personal Platinum Card

    A card that him opens the doors of an exclusive space full of advantages.


    AENA VIP Rooms


    Assistance in trips

  • Banca Personal Gold Credit Card

    Banca Personal Gold Credit Card

    With significant advantages and a free insurance in the event of fraudulent use.


    Accidents of until 600,000 euros


    3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 months

  • Banca Personal Debit Card

    Banca Personal Debit Card

    An ideal card for the day by day of our clients more special.


    No commissions


    Of emergency MasterCard

  • Banca Personal card Credit

    Its new credit card to an exceptional price




    Banca Personal's clients

Everything that it has know on cards

  • Switched on and turning off of cards

    To activate or deactivate temporarily its cards. The digital signature will request him to him and will show him to him on-screen the confirmation of the operation. Accessible from every card.

  • Withdraw cash without card

    It will be able to send to itself or to other people between € 20 and € 300. Will just need a card, against that which the charge will be made, and the mobile phone number of the recipient to that which a code will send him to him with which withdraw the money from an ATM.

  • Payments abroad

    From this option will be able to allow or block the operations abroad, enable just purchases in person or only the dropped out of cash abroad.