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  • Mobile payment

The best selection of cards, exclusively for you

  • Banca Personal Platinum Card

    Banca Personal Platinum Card

    This card will give you access to an exclusive area filled with perks.


    AENA VIP Lounges


    Travel assistance

  • Banca Personal Gold Credit Card

    Banca Personal Gold Credit Card

    Major perks and free insurance for fraudulent use.


    Accident coverage up to 600,000 euros


    3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 months

  • Banca Personal Debit Card

    Banca Personal Debit Card

    An ideal card for the day-to-day activities of our most special customers.


    No fees


    MasterCard service

Everything you need to know about cards

  • Switching cards on and off

    To temporarily activate or deactivate your cards. You will be asked to provide your digital signature and the confirmation of the operation will be shown on-screen. Accessible using every card.

  • Withdraw cash without card

    You can send €20 to €300 to yourself or to other people. All you need is a card, which the payment will be charged to, and the recipient's mobile phone number, so that a code can be sent to them which they can then use to withdraw the funds from an ATM.

  • Payments made abroad

    You can use this option to enable or block transactions abroad, enable only purchases made in person or enable only cash withdrawals abroad.