Crédito Consumo Protegido

  • Him offer until € 60,000

    Your only worry will be how to enjoy it

  • Enjoy a holiday, refurbish your house, finance your studies... Crédito Consumo Protegido Insurance. Up to 60,000 euros.

Advantages of the Crédito Consumo Protegido

  • With the Crédito Consumo Protegido, enjoy up to €60,000 to spend on whatever you need: holidays, renovations, studies or even a car.
  • And, to set your mind at ease, our Crédito Consumo Protegido insurance policy guarantees the deposit of up to 12 monthly instalments in the event of unemployment (whether you are employed or self-employed) or extended sick leave (whether you are self-employed or state-employed).