Bankia Evolución Funds

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Your investment always under control

Bankia Evolución funds have a universe of global investment with complete flexibility for selecting at all times those funds that best adapt to the economic situation.


Always pursuing the objective of profitability, regardless of the performance of the markets, with an exhaustive control over volatility and protection covers.


Features of the Bankia Evolución funds:


  • Style of management: absolute return. We establish a risk limit in each profile and seek out the ideal asset combination for achieving long-term positive returns in any market environment.
  • Exhaustive risk control. The fund managers carry out daily volatility checks and use coverages to protect the portfolio in the face of adverse situations.
  • Maximum diversification. Both by type of asset (fixed income, equities, alternative management, currencies) and geographically. A high level of diversification is the key to decreasing risk
  • Selection of the best funds of funds. Using exacting filters, we choose those funds on the market with the best prospects at any particular point in the business cycle.


With Bankia Evolución investment funds, your investment is always under control.

The components of this range are: