Hipoteca Bonificada

  • Fantastic financial terms for buying your house

    We give you discounts on the interest rate depending on the links you maintain with Bankia

  • Financing of up to 80% of the investment or of the appraisal value. Up to 40 years repayment period. Variable and mixed rate interest.

Benefits of the Hipoteca Bonificada

  • You can choose between a variable or mixed interest rate (with a fixed rate up to 7 years and then variable).
  • With half-yearly reviews of the interest rate if you choose the variable option.
  • Up to 40 years to repay it.
  • No floor.
  • No appraisal fee.
  • With discounts on the interest rate of up to 1.00% depending on your links with Bankia on the basis of the following breakdown:
    • 0.30% for having your income paid directly into your account.
    • 0.30% for contributions to individual pension plans.
    • 0.20% for having taken out a loan repayment insurance.
    • 0.20% for various insurance policies (annual premiums).

To access the subsidised differential and to maintain it throughout the life of the loan, the following conditions must be simultaneously met:

  • There must be no unpaid bills.
  • The mortgaged property must have a damages insurance policy sold by Bankia and must have rights assigned in favour of the bank.

Interest rates

  • Initial period: with a fixed rate from 1.8% if it is for a year and from 2.2% if it is up to 7 years. Variable: from Euribor + 1.50%. APR: 2.64% for a supposition of 150,000 €; over 25 years, with 12 months of fixed interest rate. For more detailed information, see conditions (PDF, 175 kB)


More information about the Hipoteca Bonificada


Pre-contractual information note (FIPRE) (PDF, 497 kB)


Further information (Act 3/2016 Andalusia)

Pre-contractual Information document Complementary (DIPREC) (PDF, 455 kB)