Planes de Pensiones Perfilados

  • Four options, so you can choose that one that fits your needs the best

    With the most suitable combination of assets at all times, depending on the risk profile and the international market situation

  • Pension plans adapted to different risk profiles. Geographical and asset type diversification. Dynamic, flexible asset management.


Four pension plans so that you can choose the one that is most suitable for you according to your risk profile and age:

Investment philosophy

Based upon the current economic situation, the management team selects the assets with the best expectations at any given time for each risk profile. The fund managers are professionals with an average experience of over 10 years and more than 4,600 million euros under their management.

The dynamic and flexible management of two assets such as fixed income and equities, whose long-term yields they tend to compensate, provides consistency and solidity to portfolios.

Extensive diversification both geographical and by type of asset, that is fundamental for reducing and controlling risk.
It can see a comparative one of profiled pension plans (PDF, 73 kB) in this document.



Internal source data to 31/07/15. The Basic Data for the Shareholder (DFP) document is available to the public at Past returns do not guarantee future results.
* Volatility is a statistical measure of the degree of fluctuation in the return over a period of time. Increased volatility implies a higher level of risk in the asset.
Planned Profiled Risk Indicator: it quantifies the risk profile of the plan through the historic volatility in the last five years.
Bankia is the Depository Company and Promoter. Bankia Pensiones is the managing entity.