Préstamo Inversión y Pensiones

  • Finance your payments to pension plans

    Or get liquidity for what you have already contributed

  • Finance contributions to pension plans or investments. Liquidity for everything you need. Fixed or variable interest.


With the Bankia Préstamo Inversión y Pensiones, you will have up to €60,000 available for:

  • Financing your contributions to your pension plan or investments in any products you have contracted with Bankia, and make the most out of the tax breaks available.
  • Obtain disposable funds for whatever you need: renovate your home, pay for that holiday you've been wishing for, buy that car you like so much or pay for your childrens' education.
  • In the easiest and most flexible manner, you can choose between fixed or variable interest rates, pick the day of the month you want to pay your bills, the number of annual instalments (12, 13 or 14) and the repayment term.