Tarjeta Crédito Oro Banca Personal

  • A comfortable card, practice and sure

    That has the possibility of enjoying completely free

  • An exclusive card. Accident insurance. Insurance of assistance.
  • Banca Personal Gold Credit Card

Advantages of the Gold Credit Card

The Banca Personal Gold Credit Card him offers countless advantages:

  • Accident insurance of until 600,000 euros and Travel Assistance Insurance with Mapfre.
  • Discounts:
    • Until 15% in vehicle rental with Hertz*.
    • 2% in Galp service stations of the Whole of Spain (fuel and shop) associated.
  • FOR BEING YOU: for the clients with direct billing incomes in Bankia the registration fee is free. Additionally will be free the maintenance fee if carries out a purchase a year.
  • Two cards in one: with the comfort of choosing how have its money in ATMs, directly of the balance of its account or if it prefers of the credit of its card.
  • It can choose the method of payment that it prefers: payment 100% a month following without interests, or deferred payment of 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% of the credit used.
  • Accountability € 0 for fraudulent use of the card provided that it communicates it to us before 24 hours since it has taken place the event.

You can consult the European normalised information. Consumer credit (INE) (PDF, 184 kB).

Your card in the mobile phone

Know Bankia Wallet? The app with which will be able to buy with your mobile Android without taking the card top.

In addition, only in Bankia can pay with all digital easy way platforms and sure. Discover Apple Pay (IOS), Samsung Payand Google Pay.

And take advantage of have PayPal in our service channels. You can link an account PayPal, consult movements and add Bankia cards to PayPal directly from the app Bankia and Bankia Online.

* Providing the code discount promotional. Request it in its branch.