Tarjeta Débito Banca Personal

  • The Banca Personal Debit Card

    Is the ideal card for the day by day of our clients more special

  • Free registration fee and maintenance with the programme FOR BEING YOU. Special card for special clients. MasterCard emergency service.
  • Banca Personal product Debito ANTIGUA

Advantages of the Banca Personal Debit Card

  • Exclusively for Banca Personal's clients.
  • Free registration fee if participates in the programme FOR BEING YOU* or if is the first debit card that contract.
  • Free maintenance fee for clients of FOR BEING YOU.

With discounts and services

  • 2% discount in Galp service stations associated with the agreement, without limit of amount, both in fuel and in shop.
  • MasterCard Emergency Service: uninterrupted assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

And with all the advantages of MasterCard cards:

  • Promotions and discounts that it can consult on the website of MasterCard.

You can consult the Specific pre-contractual information (IPE) (PDF, 113 kB).

Your card in the mobile phone

Know Bankia Wallet? The app with which will be able to buy with your mobile Android without taking the card top.

In addition, only in Bankia can pay with all digital easy way platforms and sure. Discover Apple Pay (IOS), Samsung Payand Google Pay.

And take advantage of have PayPal in our service channels. You can link an account PayPal, consult movements and add Bankia cards to PayPal directly from the app Bankia and Bankia Online.

* Otherwise, the registration fee and maintenance will be 20 euros. See conditions of the programme FOR BEING YOU in Bankia.es or in its branch.