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Specific funds for clients of Bankia Private Banking

We place a selection of our own funds at your disposal to help you optimise your investment. They range from fixed or variable income to multistrategy investment funds

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    A. 21/06/2017

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    We have a made-to-measure investment fund for you

    Model Fund Portfolios

    In Bankia Private Banking we advise you how to choose the best type of investment for your profile. Our model portfolio range of funds, that they have a historic one of consistent returns over time, him offer flexibility and access to all financial assets

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    Count on the expert advice of your asset manager

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    • Fondo a Fondo magazine

      All the information on Bankia's investment funds and pension plans: what's new, complete notes and recommendations on product baskets by investment profiles.

    • SICAVs of funds

      For investing in baskets of funds with the tax advantages of a SICAV. Consult your manager about this investment option.

    • Share prices

      See all the fully updated market information on: quotations, currencies, bonds, raw materials, etc.

    • Statement of position:

      This is a part of the public documentation which informs the unit holder of movements due to subscriptions or reimbursements in the fund.

    • Euribor:

      (Euro Interbank Offered Rate). Interest rate of reference for the Euro area.

    • FIAMM:

      FIAMM (Money Market Investment Fund) A type of fund that, by law, must make its investments in fixed-yield securities of short-term maturity (up to 18 months) and high liquidity.