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SICAVs (open-ended investment companies)

Bankia Private Banking helps you select the investment vehicle that best matches your profile and needs. We can advise you about SICAV Española and SICAV de Fondos

  • Funds SICAV

    Invest your assets in this type of investment trusts, with the advice that only Bankia Private Banking can offer you.

  • Spanish SICAV

    Putting your money in an investment trust can be one of the most profitable ways to invest your assets, with economic and taxation advantages.

Our Institutional Absolute Return SICAVs

Discover our SICAVs, then along with your asset manager, find out why they may be the perfect investment vehicle for you

  • Loriga Inversiones 2015 SICAV

    With a more conservative profile, seeking to obtain stable returns over time with a strict control on volatility.

  • Inversiones Financieras Bahía, SICAV, S.A.

    Of more dynamic profile, pursues obtain retornos appeals with a limited risk chord to expectations of return.

  • What is a SICAV?

    A SICAV is an investment trust that can invest in numerous types of assets according to their nature, with a flexible investment policy and adapted to its members' goals.

    There are various types of SICAV, which can be studied on our SICAVs page, which is why it is necessary to have specialised advice to determine the ideal structure.

  • What tax advantages does a SICAV offer?

    SICAVS offer advantageous taxation to the company itself in the management of its assets, and it has a specific treatment for the members, according to the different type of SICAV, which can be consulted in our SICAVs space.