Inversiones Financieras Bahía, SICAV, S.A.

  • The Company will be able to invest between 0% and 100% of its capital in UCITS that are active, suitable, harmonised or not, that may or may not belong to the management group.
  • The Company will be able to invest, either directly or indirectly through UCITS, in variable income or fixed income assets, or other assets permitted under the current regulations, without there being any predetermination of the percentages of investment in each kind of asset and with the possibility of having all its capital invested in any of them. Likewise, it may invest in deposits that are on demand or can be liquidated, with a maturity date no longer than twelve months, in credit institutions that have their headquarters in an EU member state or in OCDE member states subject to prudential supervision, as well as liquid unquoted money-market instruments.
  • There is no predetermined objective or maximum limit with regard to the distribution of assets by type of issuer (public or private), or by issue/issuer rating, or duration, or by market capitalisation, or by currency, or by economic sector, or by country. It may invest in emerging countries.
  • The exposure to currency risk may be as much as 100% of the capital. It may invest more than 35% in securities of an EU member state, an Autonomous Community, a local entity, international bodies of which Spain is a member and states whose solvency is not less than that of Spain.
  • It may operate with derivatives negotiated on organised derivative markets with the aim of coverage and investment and not negotiated on organised derivatives market with the aim of coverage and investment.
  • It may to invest up to an overall maximum of 10% in assets that may introduce a greater risk than the rest of the investments, due, among other factors, to their liquidity, type of issuer or degree of investor protection. This stock is cumulative, in other words, the yields obtained are reinvested. The company's shares are quoted on the Alternative Investment Market.
  • Shareholders can buy and sell their shares on a daily basis.
  • If you want to buy or sell, the net asset value applicable to orders entered up to 4 pm on D-day, in the mode of communication of operations at net asset value, will be that corresponding to D. In fixing mode, the price will be that resulting from the corresponding auction system.