Visa Infinite

  • It is the top-range VISA card

    Exclusive, distinguished, with very special offers and advantages

  • Personal assistant. Access to VIP rooms in airports. Insurance and exclusive benefits.
  • Visa Infinite card. Private Banking

Advantages of the Visa Infinite Card

  • Personal assistant.
  • Access to Aena VIP lounges in airports.
  • Discounts on car rental with Hertz.
  • Special advantages in hotels of the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection.
  • Special bargains that can be checked at the Visa Infinite website.
  • Preferential conditions in the AirRefund service for claims against airlines due to cancellation, overbooking or delays on flights in and out of Europe. The cardholder does not have to pay any expense up front when the claim is filed, nor throughout the process. Only if the response to your case is favourable, AirRefund will charge a commission of 20% for Bankia Visa cardholders, instead of the usual 30%. Further information in the following link.

And with the best insurance

So that you do not have to worry abut anything:

  • Zero liability for fraudulent use.
  • Travel assistance insurance with broad coverage for you and your family.
  • Accident insurance with coverage of up to 1.5 million euros.
  • Card reissuing service.

It wants take its card Infinite in the mobile phone?

  • Download the app Bankia Wallet in its mobile phone.

  • Select the Card Infinite to pay with her, and you're ready to go!


It can already pay directly with its mobile phone, with only bring closer the telephone, with the unclogged screen, to the POS that they have technology contactless. It will recognise them for the following symbol:

Contactless technology symbol

For the payment with mobile phone is necessary a mobile Android 4.4 or superior with technology NFC. If its mobile phone is an iPhone or it does not have NFC, will need the Bankia Sticker Wallet. It is a small card that it is stuck to the back of the mobile phone. Thus of single and free when contracting its Bankia Sticker Wallet from Bankia Online.



See in further detail Standardised European information. Consumer credit (INE) (PDF, 184 kB).