Patrimonial and fiscal planning

Patrimonial and fiscal planning

The only detail in which coincide each and every one of our clients: obtain the maximum financial return district attorney of its assets

What is the patrimonial and fiscal planning?

In Bankia Private Banking at your disposal put our Consultancy Department Legal-Fiscal, that him will advise on how obtain the great financial returns in its investments.


The first step to achieve this objective is carry out a personal study of its financial-patrimonial situation, in order to determining the investments that they can result more advantageous for you from the fiscal point of view.


From the first moment will enjoy a continuing service of fiscal advice, something essential before eventual changes of its patrimonial situation, variations of its investing profile or before possible modifications legislative that they stress the existing tax regime.


To fulfill these aims, the Department of Consultancy Legal-Fiscal of Bankia Private Banking him offers different services.


  • Fiscal planning of its investments: customised studies of its situation to help him to optimise the financial returns of its assets.
  • Constitución of vehicles of investment (funds SICAV and SICAV): we saw about carry out all the procedures before the administrative organisations (CNMV, SCLV, MAB, etc.)

It can interest him...

  • Its assets manager

    A qualified person at your disposal, designated expressly to advise you on the management of your assets.

  • Economic and financial present time

    Access the information more updated with the daily Newsletter of markets and the economic weekly Newsletter financial.

  • The more interesting investment funds

    We put at your disposal a wide range of funds with which cover all its investment needs.