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  • We remove your fees

    and you give away value-added services exclusively for you

Welcome to for being SME

If you have a SME with an annual turnover of until ?6MM.

You have direct billing with Bankia the Social securities or taxes in the last 3 months in an uninterrupted way.

And if you fulfill 2 of these requirements:


  • Balance of Investment business ≥ 15,000.
  • RACS ≥ 30,000.
  • Credit card Business 1 oper. month or 12 a year.
  • POS terminal with invoicing ≥ € 1,000 / month.
  • Insurance Policies business studies (Premiums ≥ € 1,000 / year).
  • Payroll Service Company (3 últ. months).
  • CAP Assistance service (asset 3 past months).


See the notarial bases "FOR BEING SME" (PDF, 215 kB).

See our brochure of welcome (PDF, 2 MB).


For being SME

Already pays too many fees, that is why in Bankia remove them to you and now a lot more...

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    Delete the fees

    We remove you the fees in cheques and promissory notes, transfers, Bankia Online Business and accounts.

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    Exclusive financing

    Preferred access to financing in exclusive conditions.

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    Specialised management

    With a manager that him will give all advice kind of tools that you will provide the development in your business: Inveinte, Indicex, Go Export, Sure Management 360º.