The information of the web portal Bankia is already accessible to people, included those which suffer some type of disability.

The Bankia website has been programmed using cutting-edge techniques and international accessibility directives, removing the limits on browsing for all sorts of users.

The key features include notably:

  • Keyboard navigation, without the need for a mouse.
  • Descriptions of graphic resources: makes it possible to understand all the details on pages, including images, tables and other HTML elements.
  • Clarification of the destination of links or hyperlinks.
  • Notification of the behaviours of the interface and its structure, through the specification WAI-ARIA of the W3C, so that it can be used by the back-up *products.

Keyboard navigation:

The accessibility project of Bankia's website allows all types of user to access any part of the web portal just by using the keyboard of the computer.


Tab It allows moving the cursor for those selectable elements of left-hand to right Drawing of the key Tabulator of a keyboard
May+Tab Allows moves the cursor for those selectable elements of right to left-hand Drawing of the key Upper cases of a keyboardDrawing of the key Tabulator of a keyboard
Scroll arrows It allows moving for certain components in the indicated meaning for the arrows Drawing of the keys of addresses of a keyboard


Descriptions of graphic resources:

All images, banners, and even tables published on the Bankia website include a description that makes it possible to understand the information contained in these graphic resources.

Thus, is possible to know what image accompanies what content, what products or ideas the different banners promote and what details are provided in any table.


Most of the links on the site include a clarification as to their destination, and offer information as to whether they will open in a new window or not.

Tecnology applied:

  • Intermediate level (AA) conformance with the W3C's (World Wide Web Consortium) WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) Standard. Accessible Content guidelines in Website 2.0.
  • The presentation is based on the Recommendation of the W3C on the Style sheets in Cascade, version CSS3, since former work experience programs necessary to are avoided the control of the design (as a Las Tablas), and that they went to the detriment of certain uses of the documents, by web browsers aimed at people with some sensory limitations.
  • The recommended standard has been used in employment of code HTML5, benefiting from new updates that includes this version, such as a more semantic tagging, flexible syntax, new labels that provide the understanding of forms.
  • The use of the specification WAI-ARIA, in its version 2.0, applied to this website does more accessible the dynamic content and the controls developed with Ajax, HTML, Javascript and its related technologies

Accessibility of the Customer Service Helpline

Bankia has a service of attention for people with hearing and/or speech problems, that it allows the user communicate with the company to carry out any enquiry on general information of products and services.

The concerned individuals can access this service of two ways:

Bankia becomes thus in the first large financial institution in adopting this system, that it allows the user with hearing problem contact with the Customer Service Helpline from internet or from its mobile phone (by text and real-time), and without the need for that other people act such as intermediaries.

This service line is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday to Sunday. Out of this schedule, the user can leave a message so that on the following day, and for free, the company gets in touch with him.

* Not applicable a.