This number indicates the product risk, with 1/6 representing the lowest risk and 6/6 representing the highest risk.

The bank is registered with the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. For deposits in money the guaranteed maximum amount is 100,000 € by depositor in every credit institution.



  • Cuenta_ON Nómina

    100% digital

    Achieve her online

Our Accounts more outstanding

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    Account without free fees + Debit card(1)+ digital service channels Access.



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    Account Un&Dos

    Have you just started to organise your wedding? Need a current account and a card for everything that it is necessary to prepare.

    Online contracting


    Service of weddings

    Premium included

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    My First Account

    The junior set can have their very own Bankia account too. Enquiry our promotion with presents for all the family.




    Expenses nor fees

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    Cuenta Fácil

    Pays directly your incomes and pay all your bills of the most comfortable way.

    Pays directly

    Your salary or pension

    We remove you

    The fees

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FOR BEING YOU you remove the fees in your accounts and cards of Bankia

Other accounts: Basic Payment account

The account that you allow carrying out the basic operations in your day by day.Find out more

(1) In the event of not maintaining the digital profile, the card will stop being free. Registration and renewal fee: € 28.

  • How can consult the IBAN CODE of an account?

    To calculate the IBAN enters Bankia Online and enquiry your account (appears reflected in the upper part).

  • How can open an account?

    You can open an account from Bankia Online entering the menu Accounts/Contract.

  • How pay directly my salary?

    You can pay directly the salary, informing to your company of the IBAN of your current account Bankia.

    If it wish, fills in the attached form (PDF, 30 kB), prime it and send it to your company.