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  • My first account

    My First Account

    The little ones can have their very own Bankia account, too. View our promotion with gifts for all the family.




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  • Cuenta Superior

    Total liquidity and with a yield, so that your savings will grow month by month.

    Monthly paym.

    of interest

  • Cuenta Joven

    Cuenta Joven

    Without expenses nor fees, and linked to your card. Because are young and you like being.


    Youth Debit Card


    Expenses or fees

We do away with commissions

Just for being you, we eliminate fees in your Bankia accounts and cards

  • How can I open an account?

    You can open an account from your Oficina Internet by entering the menu Accounts/Contract.

  • How can I consult the IBAN code of an account?

    To calculate the IBAN enter your Oficina Internet and consult your account (it is shown in the upper part).

  • How can return a receipt?

    To return a direct debit, enter your Oficina Internet, select Account Movements, give details and click Return.