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    Un&Dos Account

    Have you just started to organise your wedding? You need a current account and a card for all your wedding planning.

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    My First Account

    The little ones can have their very own Bankia account, too. View our promotion with gifts for all the family.




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    Cuenta Fácil

    Direct-deposit your income and pay all your bills in the most convenient way.


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JUST FOR BEING YOU we eliminate fees for your Bankia accounts and cards

  • How can I consult the IBAN code of an account?

    To find out your IBAN, log in to Bankia Online and take a look at your account (it's shown at the top).

  • How can I open an account?

    You can open an account on Bankia Online by entering the Accounts/Sign up menu.

  • How can I set up direct deposit for my paychecks?

    You can set up direct deposit for your paychecks by telling your employer the IBAN of your Bankia current account.

    If you want, fill in the attached form (PDF, 30 kB), print it and send it to your company.